04 May 2020
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And So May Begins (Happy Cinco de Mayo on the 5th!)

On May 2, Alaa Elassar of CNN reported that 97% of Americans are still under stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders due to the coronavirus.

On May 3, Remy Tumin and Judith Levitt of The New York Times said that nearly half the states in the country will be reopening this week, many of them in phased processes.

This leaves the other half of the states still shuttered, with protests and demonstrations occurring in some.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW YORK TIMES‘ MAP that shows which states are shut down and which are reopening.

CLICK HERE TO SEE CNN‘S COMPLETE LIST of all 50 states and where each one stands on plans to reopen.

After you’ve checked out that information, glance over the list of observed May days below. Whether your state is shuttered, partially open, or wide open, you can make something special of these upcoming days.

Today, May 4: Bird Day

May 5: Cinco de Mayo and National Teacher’s Day

May 6: National Nurses Day. These front-line workers deserve much appreciation!

May 7: National Day of Prayer and World Password Day (password day?!)

May 8: World Red Cross Day and Military Spouses Day (also No Socks Day)

May 9: National Train Day

May 10: Mother’s Day

May 11: Eat What You Want Day

May 12: National Limerick Day

May 13: National Receptionist Day and National Fair Trade Day

May 14: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

May 15: National Bike to Work Day and Police Officer’s Memorial Day

May 16: Armed Forces Day and Wear Purple for Peace Day

May 17: National Walnut Day

May 18: Victoria Day (Canada) and International Museum Day

May 19: Boy’s Club Day and Endangered Species Day

May 20: Pick Strawberries Day

May 21: National Waitstaff Day

May 22: Buy a Musical Instrument Day, National Maritime Day

May 23: International Jazz Day

May 24: National Escargot Day

May 25: Memorial Day

May 26: Sally Ride Day

May 27: Sun Screen Day

May 28: Amnesty International Day, National Hamburger Day

May 29: Learn About Composting Day

May 30: Mint Julep Day

May 31: World No Tobacco Day and National Macaroon Day

What’s your favorite May day and why? Let us know. We hope to re-start our Ultimate Dance Party tour this month. That first show back after quarantine will be our Latitude28 Band favorite May day!

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