31 March 2020

It’s National Crayon Day!

On National Crayon Day, we share six ideas of things to do at home with your kids and their crayons. Thanks, Crayola, for your great suggestions!
28 March 2020

From Nashville to Brazil: Good Things

From Nashville to Brazil and Rockford to the UK, people around the world are encouraging each other in many different ways. Here are a few stories and videos of things that happened this past week.
23 March 2020

Coronavirus FAQs

There's lots of information floating around about the coronavirus and COVID-19. Thanks to AdventHealth for this information that we're sharing with our Latitude28 family.
22 March 2020

How are You, Lat28 Family?

We've started this blog to connect with our Latitude28 family that's spread across the United States and the world. Come here for band updates, helpful information, and uplifting stories!