Concerts in the New Normal

The Drive-In Concert and Fireworks Extravaganza Tour is Latitude28 Band's response to the new normal. Let's embrace it, find safe workarounds, and be happy!
August 2020

Just Breathe

The year 2020 has served up enough fare to make our collective heads spin. Take 30 seconds to browse our little gallery and just breathe.
June 2020

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

It's the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. Check the trees on your property. Chances are, you have one or two that are vulnerable to damage in a storm. Take care of them now.
June 2020

Orlando Theme Parks ReOpen

Orlando-area theme parks are set to reopen this summer, with the earliest one on June 1 (Legoland) and the latest on July 15 (Epcot and Hollywood Studios). Despite grim events currently occupying our attention, news of the reopenings are good and spell work and income for thousands of furloughed employees.
May 2020

Waiting, Week Ten

The hiatus dropped like a gift-boxed bunch of minutes with the note, "Begin something new! Invite something crazy! Launch something boundless!"
May 2020

Build a Little Garden

Still finding yourself with lots of time at home? Start a square-foot garden. It's a doable, maintainable, mini garden that won't kill your back AND will produce stuff you can eat!
May 2020

Sell Your Stuff on eBay

If you're strapped for cash because of a recent job loss, you're probably looking at ways to generate income. Here is one idea: put your stuff on eBay, a marketplace that gets your items in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.
May 2020

Make Money Selling Stuff You’ve Already Got

Are you interested in ways to generate cash? You may simply want to develop another income stream or your reason may be more elemental: you've lost your job and there are bills to pay. Start here: go through your house and sell stuff you don't need or can live without.
May 2020
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