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How many people are in your band?

We usually have 5 musicians (keyboards, bass, drums, guitar, samples) and 3-4 frontline vocalists. Our configurations sometimes change with the type of music we’re performing.

Does Latitude28 Band only do covers?

We mostly perform covers, but as our original music increases in exposure and popularity, we are adding some of those songs to our setlists.

What makes you different from every other band out there?

Our mission makes us a different band from most other small bands. Our mission is to bring arena-quality show production to the small stage and to deliver the ultimate in interactive musical experiences. To this end, it’s not about our individual performers. It’s about the complete show package. We pull out all production stops and guarantee an on-fire visual, vocal, musical experience.

You guys are a big band. How do you keep it all together when you’re at a show?

Yes, we’re a large band, and when our support team is added in, our group is even bigger. Sometimes 20 of us travel together! It works because we plan thoroughly and carefully, every person knows his or her task, and we always have backup strategies in place. It also works because we’re flexible, we see opportunities rather than problems, and we go mentally prepared for anything.

Since you’re such a large band, is it expensive to book you?

We keep booking prices reasonable. Our sponsors help to defray costs.

We’re interested in booking Latitude28 Band. Do you have any free dates?

Our 2020 calendar is filling very quickly, but we’d love to talk to you. For serious inquiries, please call us at our U.S. number: 321-274-1344.

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