28 March 2020

From Nashville to Brazil: Good Things

Yesterday the United States took the lead as the country with the most coronavirus infections, and, as on every other day in recent weeks, the news over the 24-hour period held story after story of new cases, more deaths, new shutdowns, and more people without work.

It’s the weekend. Normally, it would be like, “Woo hoo!” Instead, for many people, there’s a cloud of anxiety hanging over the hours and days ahead. Even for those who ardently practice mindfulness and positivity, there’s more to deal with; it’s taking more to generate optimism.

So today we’ve got some stories for you of good things. Of good people supporting each other. Of people banding together. Of people sharing their talents to encourage.

Because it’s not all bad news out there.

Nashville Studio Singers in a Cell Phone Choir

Nashville singers on Latitude28 blog post

Do you know the old hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul”? A group of recently-out-of-work studio vocalists in Nashville sang the song individually from their homes, recording it on their phones. David Wise combined the audio files and produced it so that it sounds like they’re all singing it together. Carlos Santiago edited the video so that you can see each person singing, and at the end, the screen is full of small pictures of the vocalists.

It’s well worth a few minutes to watch.

Click here to see it.

Thanks to WSMV Nashville for sharing this.

Rockford Seniors Encourage Other Seniors

At Fairhaven Christian Retirement Center in Rockford, IL, seniors living in the health center are under total lockdown. Other independently-living seniors in duplexes on the property are staying at home.

This week the latter group encouraged one another by standing outside their front doors at an arranged time and singing “Amazing Grace” altogether.

On another day, walking in a line and spaced apart, they carried signs of encouragement and went past the health center, waving at the locked-down residents inside who could see them through the windows.

Brazilians and Italians Sing From Balconies

People in cities around the world are singing together from their homes and apartments. In Brazil, an invitation spread through social media had people go to their windows, patios, and balconies at 8 pm one night this past week to sing a Christian song, “Because He Lives.”

You can see it on Facebook here.

And in Italy, people sare singing the national anthem, ballads, and other songs from their windows, doors, and balconies.

See it here in this YouTube video.

People Across the United Kingdom Clap for Healthcare Workers

On March 26, the BBC posted this video of people across Britain applauding frontline workers. From Liverpool and Glasgow to London and Cardiff, they were outside their homes clapping. Even Princess Charlotte, Princes George and Louis, and the Chancellor and Prime Minister outside of 10 Downing Street showed their support.

See the video here.

Performing Artists Bring Their Talents

So this is just plain fun. In this video on Pitchfork, watch Neil Diamond (with his dog) sing a new version of “Sweet Caroline” with an admonition: “Don’t touch me; I won’t touch you.” Evan Minsker writes that “In the age of COVID-19, the time for ‘touching hands’ is over.”

Thanks to Pitchfork for this material and video.

People Supporting Local Business

Nneka McGuire of The Lily reports a story from Washington about a woman named Tina St. John.

“I decided to order takeout to do my little part to help support local restaurants. I ordered through DoorDash. Unfortunately, no driver ever showed up to the restaurant to make the delivery. I called the restaurant and offered to pay for the food and have the owner take the food for his own family. I explained that I didn’t need the food but had ordered it just to support his restaurant.

“He was having none of that. He insisted on bringing the food to me himself after the restaurant closed. And he did just that … and more. When I looked through my order, there was something extra. It was sticky rice with sliced mango around it, like a flower. There was a note in marker scrawled on the top of the box that said, ‘Thank you so much for your support. :)’”

Find this and more of Nneka’s stories on The Lily here.

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