01 April 2020
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Grocery Store Do’s and Don’t’s (in the Age of the Coronavirus)

Grocery store cashiers, stockers, managers, and customer service reps are right there on the front lines when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak. They’re around people all day, putting themselves at risk of catching the disease. So show a little love and follow these guidelines, provided by Stephen LaConte, a staff writer at BuzzFeed.

Leave the Fam at Home

Do your part to minimize the population density of the grocery store.

Give Store Employees Space

Literally. Stay at least six feet away, even when asking for their help.

Follow Floor Markers

These are guides to keep people spaced apart for everyone’s protection.

Stay Away from the Store if You’re Sick

Does this even need to be said?

Touch It, Buy It

Resist squeezing every avocado to check for ripeness, rotating every box to check for sodium content. No. Now isn’t the time. Buy what you pick up.

Swallow That Complaint About Empty Shelves and Purchase Limits

It’s not the stockboy’s fault that people across the country have binge-bought toilet paper and hand sanitizer, leading to a national drought.

Don’t Spray Down the Credit Card Machine

The store staff is doing that. Don’t spray your products on their machines.

Honor the Special Hours

Not elderly? Not pregnant? Not immunocompromised? Stay out of the store until your own hours.

Thanks, Stephen LaConte, for this material (read Stephen’s full Buzzfeed article here.)

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