31 March 2020
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Help Your Kids Cope with Coronavirus Impacts

AdventHealth published a helpful article recently on how to help kids cope with the weight of the coronavirus outbreak.

Much has changed for our kids in recent weeks. Schools have closed for indefinite periods of time due to the pandemic. Virtual education is the new protocol.

Kids are home, and if parents are adhering to stay-at-home mandates, it means that kids are isolated from their friends. Social media connections help, but they don’t replace being at school with peers or hanging out with friends in person after school.

Household dynamics may have been upended by parent job losses or a switch to parents working from home. The house is suddenly full of people all the time and no one knows when that will change.

Our kids may also be following news reports and feeling afraid and helpless.

So how can we help our children?

Here is what the experts at AdventHealth recommend:

  1. Address your child’s questions and fears with reassurance
  2. Explain what’s happening in ways they can understand
  3. Explain the dangers while also reassuring them that they’re safe with you
  4. Model calm behavior during this time of uncertainty
  5. Include kids in preparations to help them feel confident
  6. Make good hygiene habits fun and praise kids for implementing them
  7. Help kids cope with death from coronavirus disease

Click here to read the whole article. The material also contains links to information about how to help kids cope with tragedy and death.

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