02 April 2020
Latitude28 Band teacher in Indiana

“Hi, Mom!” Said Man from Elevated Bucket

The New York Times reported today, April 2, 2020, that 6.6 million people filed for unemployment this week, which brings the two-week U.S. total to nearly 10 million.

And the Orlando Sentinel published this statement today about the coronavirus pandemic: “Worldwide, the death toll passed 50,000 on Thursday while the total confirmed cases top one million.”

The impact of the virus continues to unfold in article after article and broadcast after broadcast.

While we don’t suggest putting one’s head in the sand to avoid the bad news, we do suggest balancing the grim reports with stories of good things. Like these two below.

An Arborist in Youngstown, Ohio

David Williams of CNN wrote this week: “Charley Adams hasn’t been able to visit his mom Julie at her Ohio assisted living home because of coronavirus restrictions, so he came up with a clever way to visit her without violating social distancing rules.”

See the photo below!

Teachers in Noblesville, Indiana

And CNN writer Christina Zdanowicz reported how more than 50 teachers in Noblesville, Indiana, drove in a parade past their students’ homes to let the kids know they are remembered and missed.

The students and their families knew the parade was coming, so many of them went outside into their yards and sidewalks, waving and holding up their own signs.

Latitude28 Band teachers in Noblesville Indiana drive past kids homes

We’re all in this together. Crises tend to show up people’s resiliency and ingenuity, and this one is no exception. Keep looking for the good.

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