05 May 2020
latitude28 band virtual meeting tips

How to Look and Sound Good on Zoom & FaceTime

What has the Latitude28 Band family been up to during quarantine? For one thing, we’ve started daily programming on Facebook Live.

On Latitude28’s Facebook page, we’re now running:

  • a morning show every weekday with Eversen Bevelle (“Dr. E’s ‘The Very Good Morning Show‘”), from 10-11 am EST
  • Monday night motivational coaching by Dr. Lori Monaco (8-9 pm EST)
  • two Music Review shows with guest artists (9-11 pm EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays)
  • a Tuesday “get to know the band” show (8-9 pm EST)
  • and, finally, a Friday night highlights reel of past Latitude28 Band shows (8-9 pm EST). We air it live and interact in the chat.

Tonight, Tuesday, May 5, is Creighton’s and my turn on the “get to know the band” show.

Yesterday, randomly, the first video below popped up on my desktop: “How to Look Good on Video Calls for Zoom.” Perfect timing! I watched it with tonight’s show in mind, and today I found the second video. Creighton and I are incorporating tips from both.

Then I thought about sharing the videos with you. Given that many of us are working from home these days, using FaceTime and Zoom for client and team meetings, I thought you might find the tips helpful.

The first video covers things most of us can do easily. The second video, after Tip #1 (Take a Shower!) drills a bit deeper into the technology aspects of having an effective virtual meeting–audio quality, internet speed, etc. They’re both worth the watch.

Here are the tip categories. Watch the vids for the details!

  1. Good lighting is paramount
  2. Eliminate background clutter
  3. A good camera makes a difference
  4. Your wardrobe: solid colors are best
  5. Makeup: wear a bit more than normal
  6. Take a shower just before the meeting
  7. Audio quality is important
  8. Internet speed (check it)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


P.S. Feel free to add your own tips in the comment section.

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