31 March 2020
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It’s National Crayon Day!

Yes. Today, March 31, 2020, is National Crayon Day.

The folks at Crayola have come up with 52 creative ways to have fun at home with your kids and their crayons. So, to follow our last post on ways to help your kids cope with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, we thought we’d share a few of Crayola’s great ideas with you. (Scroll to the bottom for the link to all 52 ideas.)

Idea #1: Create an Art Center in Your Kitchen

Organize a shelf or rolling cart with kids’ art supplies, and let their creativity flourish while you are nearby.

Idea #2: Turn Your Home Into an Art Gallery

Purchase inexpensive frames and hang your kids’ creations around the house. Tape some drawings on the ceiling above the kids’ beds to inspire their dreams.

Idea #5: Our Favorite Recipes

Think about your family’s favorite foods. Have your child write a recipe book, illustrated with pictures that show how much of each ingredient is needed. Make photocopies to share with relatives.

Idea #16: Imaginary Vehicle

Find a large recycled large box, such as an appliance box. Ask your child to decorate it to look like a fantastic new vehicle that can travel in magical ways. Perhaps it is a boat that flies or a rooftop hopper that enables people to hop from one rooftop to another. Have your child design the vehicle and then go on an imaginary adventure using it.

Idea #19: Stars Come to Our Restaurant

Have your child imagine your kitchen is transformed into a fancy restaurant. What is the name and cuisine? Ask your child to draw menus, help prepare and then serve the meal. Pretend you are famous guests. Who would you like to be … a movie star, celebrity musician or historical hero?

Idea #21: Our Money

Create your own family currency. What do your dollars look like? Ask your child to make some money and create a playful way to buy and pay for special services. For example, how much family fun money would Dad pay for kids to bring the newspaper into the house? How much would the kids pay to pick out a movie to watch? Teach math and budgeting skills with a special creative flair.

And now, click here for all 52 ideas. Thanks, Crayola.

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