29 June 2020
Mayakoba show Latitude28 Band

A Memorable Show in a Mexico Oasis

A few weekends ago we pulled off something pretty remarkable—we went to Mexico and put on a private show. (By “we,” I mean Latitude28 Band.) In any other month in any other year, there would be nothing especially unusual about this, because it’s just what we do–travel all over bringing arena-style performances to the local stage.

Not the Same Old Same Old

But in June of 2020, in a world brought to its knees by the coronavirus, going to Mexico to do a show was significant.

We had all been quarantining in central Florida, but things were starting to open up, and we were ready to get back in the saddle. Safely. (None of us were oblivious to the need for continued precautions and social distancing.)

Three of our group went ahead, and eleven of us followed several days later. Do the math—14 of us went to Mexico!

Covid-Era Travel

Our Covid-era travel was certainly different from our other trips. We all wore masks on the flights and in airports. We stood six feet apart in TSA lines and customs queues. We found many airport restaurants closed and food choices limited.

Our admittance to Mayakoba (near Cancun) involved submission to a string of sanitizing protocols, including having the soles of our shoes sprayed down, washing our hands, getting our temps checked, and having our travel clothes whisked away for laundering as soon as we got to our rooms.

A Safe Place to Be

The resorts in Mayakoba had just barely started to open up. Staff had been quarantining there for two months along with a few residents in private homes on the property. Outside guests were just beginning to trickle in. Extensive measures had been taken to make it one of the safest environments on the planet.

The people we saw during our two days there were mostly staff members and a smattering of guests. But everyone there—guest, staff, and resident alike—seemed to share a common delight about seeing other human beings on the property. I saw one guy look around and exclaim, happily, “PEOPLE!”

A Perfect Show

Our show, in terms of attendance, was modest, but perfect for the times. It couldn’t have been a packed show even if the resort had been at capacity. No one was ready for that (as they are still not, with coronavirus numbers rising again).

Guests sat at tables more than six feet apart. Wait staff all wore masks and gloves. When guests came out to dance in front of the stage, there was plenty of room for people to spread out.

It didn’t matter to us that there weren’t a lot of people. We still pulled out all the stops, with our newly synced lights, pulsating LED screens, and whooshing CO2 jets. It was a great two-and-a-half-hour show—energetic, driving, engaging. As happy as the guests were to be there, so were we.

It wasn’t just about putting on a great show to an appreciative audience. It was about providing an experience to people who needed a spirit lift. At a time like that (like now), with the world turned so thoroughly upside down, we were grateful to bring life and smiles to a few of our fellow human beings. We did what we were created to do: we shared our love for music and brought other people joy.

P.S. Thank you to Maria, who helped make the Rosewood Mayakoba show happen, as well as to all the outstanding staff at the Rosewood and Fairmont Resorts.

Featured photo by Garrett Casto.


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