30 May 2020
orlando theme parks reopen

Orlando Theme Parks ReOpen

They’re here: the official, state-approved reopening dates of Orlando-area theme parks.

Disney’s Epcot and Hollywood Studios: July 15

Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom: July 11

SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica and Discovery Cove: June 10

Universal Orlando: June 5

Legoland: June 1

In Light of Everything Else, So What?

You might ask, “Who cares? Why talk about this, given what’s happening right now?”

Word of Disney and SeaWorld’s reopening dates arrived in my inbox yesterday morning. Simultaneously, The New York Times announced that the U.S. death toll from Covid19 passed 100,000. And then, throughout the day, I read news of George Floyd’s death and about the subsequent police arrests, lootings, and protests.

So yeah, against the backdrop of those horrifying events, who gives a rat’s ass about theme parks reopening?

Here’s who cares: thousands of people who have lost jobs and incomes and will now be able to get back to work and earn a living.

Here’s who cares:

  • The guy that runs the Dumbo ride for park visitors
  • The woman that changes sheets for park visitors at Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • The man that serves lunch to park visitors at Bahama Breeze
  • The girl who arranges Avis rental cars for park visitors
  • The guy that cleans the airport for park visitors
  • The engineers that keep the rides going for park visitors
  • The gardeners that keep grounds maintained for park visitors
  • The stage techs that set up shows for park visitors
  • The musicians that sing and play for park visitors
  • The pilots that fly jets into Orlando carrying park visitors

Sad and senseless things are happening. But good things are happening, too. Like theme parks re-opening and people getting back to work.

Thanks for reading.



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