30 April 2020
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The Gift in the Shutdown

What’s been your gift during the shutdown? What’s the one thing you’ll be grateful for when you look back on this time?

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. You know what I’m talking about.

Even if you’ve lost a job. Lost two jobs. Lost a business. You know what I’m talking about. There’s been a gift in there somewhere.

For me, in my loss of work and mobility, the gift has been time.

With this gift, I have:

• finally started a regular exercise routine
• called my mom almost every single day
• gotten the garage sorted with Creighton (Lat28 bass)
• taken on a challenging writing project
• played Scattergories with my adult kids on FaceTime
• gotten my taxes done
• started on a digital photo album that I’ve put off for two years
• set up my keyboard and started playing again

Another gift in the shutdown for me has been a fresh appreciation for things I’m missing:

• air travel
• a boo stopping by for coffee
• hugging friends
• eating at a restaurant

A gift in the shutdown has been a fresh appreciation for things existing:

• a companion
• phone service and internet
• Facebook Live
• virtual meeting capabilities
• Netflix!

I see shutdown gifts for Latitude28 Band as well. Even though we’ve had to temporarily stop touring and rehearsing, we’ve been able to develop and launch a bunch of new projects–things we couldn’t have done as easily had we maintained our traveling schedule.

From re-imagining the reality show to creating daily programming on Facebook Live, we’ve expanded our presence and broadened the brand. A gift in the shutdown for Latitude28 has been the space and time to invent, explore, and create.

What has been your gift?



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