28 May 2020

Waiting, Week Ten

Yesterday SpaceX’s rocket carrying the Crew Dragon capsule was scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center.

It has been nine years since an American crew left U.S. soil for space. That wait was to end yesterday, but heavy rains scrubbed the launch. For astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley and for the hundreds of people involved in the NASA/SpaceX mission, it’s another wait to see if the weather will cooperate for the rescheduled launch this weekend.

Our Dates Got Scrubbed, Too

Latitude28 Band’s Ultimate Dance Party Tour may not have the historic heft of a space mission, but we’re in a waiting game, too. Since our return from Belize on March 13 and the subsequent shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had not one show date scrubbed, but nine. With possibly four more to strike from the calendar.

At the beginning of the shutdowns, the sudden obliteration of our tour schedule threw off some of us in the band family. We had been looking at a jammed travel schedule and seemingly overnight it had been rendered blank. There were a lot of implications to that.

Waiting is one thing when you know the exact date that things will resume. It’s a different animal when there’s no end-date and you’re waiting for the waiting to end.

What Will We Do With the Time?

The Latitude28 leadership team chose to take the hiatus not as a disaster but rather as an unexpected offering–as a gift-boxed bunch of minutes dropped into our calendars with the note: “Here you go! Begin something new! Invite something crazy! Launch something boundless!”

So over the past ten weeks, we’ve started streams, shows, platforms, relationships, systems, and entities. We’ve welcomed fresh talent and discovered surprising gifts. The creativity mill of the band’s collective mind has churned out all kinds of imaginative and propelling ideas. This group has taken its quarantine minutes and done as much with them as it possibly could.

The end of the waiting is nearer, and now we’re looking back at everything we’ve been able to get done. We feel grateful for the time we had to do the work. And as a band, we appreciate our imagineering leadership declaring at the outset that we would make good use of the time, no matter how long it stretched.

Waiting to Launch: Falcon9 and Lat28

We’re still waiting, but the light is ahead.

waiting latitude28 band

The Falcon9 astronauts don’t know what’s going to happen with this weekend’s rescheduled launch dates. But they know that sometime, the weather will clear and they’ll be able to go.

We know that, too.

Thanks for reading.



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