13 May 2020
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Ways to Generate Money If You’ve Lost Income

Many of us have lost income because we’ve lost jobs because our workplaces have been shutdown. Or we’ve lost income because our business clients have lost their clients and therefore have lost their income.

So we’re tightening our belts, reducing spending, and looking for ways to generate a few dollars (or lots of dollars). Things we wouldn’t have considered doing two months ago we’re now like, “Bring it on.”

I came up with my own list of ideas and started looking around online for more. Geez, there are TONS of ideas out there. So this blog will list a few of them and I’ll also give you links to other places with more ideas.

There’s no reason you can’t be making money right now to offset the impact of the income you’ve lost.

Garage Sales

If you’re like me, you despise doing garage sales because they’re so much dang work. But STILL, they really can make a difference and net you dollars for stuff that you don’t want or need anymore.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Sell Stuff on eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace

I’ve done this for 20 years and have made tons of money this way. I’ve sold everything from bass guitars to quilt racks to bidets to 18th-century French baby bonnets. In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll tell you more about how to do that on different platforms.

Alexa/Google Home/Cortana Set-up service

This idea comes from billionaire Mark Cuban. He told CNBC, “I would become an expert in scripting for Alexa and Google Home and Cortana. . . . Scripting Alexa skills is really, really easy. But everybody thinks it’s really, really hard. . . . I told my kids, learn how to script, and just go get your neighbors and set up all of these Alexa tools and you’ll make $25, $30, $40 an hour.”

For lots more info on Mark’s idea, read the full article here.

Roof Cleaning

Yes, I’m serious. I cleaned my own roof last week, posted a pic of it on Facebook, and had people ask me how to do it. I recommend wearing a harness. (If you decide to go into this whole-hog, i.e. commercially, you have to wear a harness or you can get fined by OSHA for literally thousands of dollars.) You can use a pressure washer on clay tile. On asphalt shingles, don’t use a pressure washer (it’ll blast off the granules and that will void the roof warranty).

For cleaning asphalt shingles, get pool chlorine, mix it 40/60 with water, add a couple of glugs of Dawn dish soap, and use an agricultural sprayer to apply it in a light layer. Let it sit. It’ll froth and turn brown as the mold dies. Rinse it off gently with a garden hose. Keep plants under the roofline rinsed off (or cover them with a tarp) and pre-soak their roots so they don’t absorb bleach and be killed. I used about 18 gallons of mix to do my two-story roof that covers an 1800-square-foot footprint.

Simple Alterations

Do you sew? Sew, check this out. People haven’t been able to shop in stores lately, so they’ve been ordering clothes online (even more than normal). You know half that stuff doesn’t fit when it arrives. Provide simple alteration services and you’ll be set. I returned four shirts this week because they were all too big. I tried to exchange them for smaller sizes, but of course, the colors I wanted were out. So I returned all of them.

I would have hired you to whip down the side seams with your sewing machine and make them all smaller. It would have taken you literally ten minutes per shirt. Or less.

Music Lessons

Do you sing? Play the guitar? Piano? Harmonica? Accordion? Make use of Zoom or Facetime or any of the other sharing platforms out there and teach your stuff. There are probably virtual-music-lesson apps that I don’t even know about that you could scout out.

Other Services: Painting, Fence Installation, Sod Removal, House Cleaning, Grocery Shopping

You’ve just gotta provide a service that someone else needs. People will pay for almost anything, including hauling their junk away.

Money-Making Ideas from FinanceBuzz

This article lists ideas (with helpful links) including the following:

  • Earn cash by taking surveys
  • Get paid to go shopping
  • Make food deliveries on your own schedule
  • Get cash for your unused diabetic strips
  • Rent your car

Money-Making Ideas from Save the Student

This article lists ideas (with helpful links) including the following:

  • Get paid for searching the web
  • Start your own website
  • Review websites and apps for cash
  • Become a delivery rider on your bicycle or motorcycle
  • Write and publish a Kindle eBook
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gigs on Fiverr

Money-Making Ideas from Forbes

This article lists ways to make money online. Here are some of them:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Consulting
  • Teach online courses
  • Podcasting
  • Book sales
  • Lead sales
  • Freelance writing

OK, so I’ve given you a bunch of ideas. Try one or two, try them all, or try some combination of them. WHO KNOWS? You might try something that you end up LOVING and decide to keep doing it forever!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you the basics of selling stuff on some of the well-known online marketplaces.

Thanks for reading, and happy money-making!



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